Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hipsters Today

So what now?

Hipsters today are either supported and admired for their statements, or loathed and despised for their lifestyles and diluted meanings. Elizabeth Robie writes in admiration of these hipsters in a Vanderbilt University newspaper, “hipster fashion is a reflection of counter-culture, associated with liberal political views and a strong admiration for the Beat Generation's literature and lifestyle” (1). She continues to comment on their fashion choices and accessories stating that her university needs more hipsters. Ironically enough she suggest high-end retailers that sell these styles. Unlike hipster enthusiast, Robie, a majority of writing about hipsters is out of frustration. Regardless of the reason, hipsters seem to be a major topic of discussion in blogging communities and not mainstream publications. Although there was a decline the realism and attitudes of this generation, some of it remained. The reason the wealthier kids were imitating the style was because they shared the same attitudes on life. What emerged from this orgy of styles and classes was the hipster scene as seen today. True hipsters, impoverished, struggling, and sarcastic, blend together with a wealthier group of individuals who chose to wear clothes of a certain “style” but do so because they believe they share the same set of ideals as hipsters. From personal experience, I know that the hipster scene here in Detroit is alive and blossoming with each incoming group of freshman at Wayne State University. The hipster scene, here in Detroit has many similarities. Hipsters seem to congregate together at least weekly, to drink, smoke, listen to local band, or site-see the slums and grunge of the city. Warehouse parties include the infamous Funk Night, a huge dance party held in random abandoned warehouses. PBR is the drink of choice including other cheap liquors, and pot seems to be involved no matter what happens. The few American Apparels are booming, and the thrift stores never run out of business from hipsters. However, just as in Seattle the Detroit hipster scene has become more and more commercialized and corporate. With the economic situation, PBR has become an acceptable drink of choice. The parties are attracting wider audiences including people whose fashion sense is at the other end of the spectrum, including frat boys, jocks, and A & F wearers. Local warehouse parties are continually moving around to try to limit the crowd to avoid a police raiding. All the hipsters here share the same attitudes and outlooks on life and matter what they plan on doing.

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